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We, at Shiran Investments, with a rich history in investment and development, have primarily focused on projects involving exotic residential and commercial buildings. Our journey to London several years ago led us to mark the beginning of a new chapter. Here, we have dedicated ourselves to carefully exploring opportunities in infrastructure development. With approximately 2.5 million square meters of construction permits land, we have the flexibility and financial strength to undertake significant projects. Our extensive research over the past three years indicates promising potential in the recreational holiday/residential parks sector. ​
Therefore, we actively seek opportunities in this area, focusing on lands either awaiting construction permits or those suitable for development. . We are also continuously active in three other areas. The first is the startup sector, where we harness the power of emerging technologies and creative ideas. Our startup unit is passionately engaged in exploring the fields of artificial intelligence and blockchain. These words are not just pleasant expressions for us; we believe they form the foundation of solutions that, by leveraging the power of these technologies, contribute to the creation of the next generation of products and services.
The second area is international trade. Shiran Investments' International Trade division manages the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders—a process crucial for the growth and maintenance of the global economy. International trade has enabled the development of various industries and played a key role in the modern industrialized world we live in today. . Lastly, in the field of jewelry, our pieces go beyond mere adornments; they embody courage, precision, and creativity. Crafted by skilled artisans who pour their hearts into every detail, each piece opens a story and radiates a timeless, brilliant beauty that only handmade art can deliver.