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20 years of experience in investment and construction

Shiran Investment Company, with over 20 years of experience in investment and construction in mega residential, commercial, administrative, hotel, and hospital projects, has been active in this field.
This company is recognized as one of the leading players in the investment and sustainable construction industry with extensive experience and expertise. For years, Shiran Investment has been known as a reputable and trustworthy international company in this industry.
The company's focus on quality, innovation, and speed through its dedicated and specialized team, which is a key factor in its success. By providing high-quality services and diverse projects, Shiran Investment Company is recognized as a top example in the investment and construction industry.

The main objectives of Shiran Investment:

✅ Engagement in investment and construction of recreational facilities such as holiday parks. We have allocated part of our capabilities to designing and executing high quality and sustainable recreational and entertainment projects in the country. These projects contribute to improving the quality of life for individuals and creating recreational opportunities for the community.

✅ Participation in the construction and investment in mega residential projects is also one of our main objectives. We are seeking joint investment opportunities in the construction sector to increase investments and financial returns for the company.

✅ We focus on investing in and constructing luxury estates for use by professional families, providing high quality and sustainable homes and flats for the elite in both work and life.

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